For 130 years, the Coating and Paint Company J. Sigel & Sohn have developed and produced industrial coatings for diverse applications from handwork companies to large industrial processors.

Accredited Quality

Through our accredited quality management system, we can guarantee for you the first-class quality of our coating system at a consistently high-level.

Intensive and constant testing, beginning with the quality of the raw materials through to the quality of the completed final product, we offer you the security of tested quality.

Fast Delivery as Quality

Through our cross-department streamlined working steps, we are in the position to fulfil your orders in the shortest time.

Our long-term partners in the transport and logistics branch stand for speedy and reliable delivery.

Our short delivery times are our strength!

As a rule, our goods are within


working days at our customer.


  • 80% 80%
  • 100% 100%

Sustainability and Environment

Sigel stands for the sustainable, environmentally and resource-efficient development and production of coating systems. Through the development and the sales of durable coatings with low solvent content, the prevention of waste as well as resource-saving production processes, we contribute to the protection of the environment and people.