1K- und 2K-wasserverdünnbare Systeme und High-Solid-Systeme für leichte bis extrem starke Korrosionsbelastungen

Future-Orientated Production

In our ultramodern production, we produce solvent-containing as well as water-based undercoats and coatings of all qualities.

Cobalt-free 1K-coating materials, as well as zinc phosphate-free corrosion-protection products are part of our daily business.
You would like environmentally-friendly coatings or you have to do something for VOC reduction or to fulfil the requirements of the Deco-Paint Directive?

We have the competence for water-based and high-solid coating systems and will develop a tailor-made product for you.


Quality in all Sizes

Our modern dosing automation makes it possible for us to produce a wide variety of different products in high and consistent quality at short notice.

Through our pigment pastes produced in-house and our binder pre-products, we are in the position to also produce small batches quickly and in consistent quality.