The Chronology: Through the years from 1886 to today


The company J. Sigel & Sohn celebrates its 130th Anniversary.


The company J. Sigel & Sohn celebrates its 125th Anniversary. With numerous projects and the further training of employees and their SIGEL-competences, the company equips itself for the future.


Johann Sigel and his friend Carl Haering founded the wholesale company, Haering Coating and Paint. The company was based in Paulinenstraße 16 now in the centre of Heilbronn.


Due to the very active market, a separating of the founding company took place into the Coating Company Carl Haering and the Paint Wholesaler J. Sigel & Sohn. The company J. Sigel & Sohn was then led by Wilhelm Sigel and his father Johann Sigel.


The death of Johann Sigel. His son Wilhelm Sigel continues to run the company alone. His brother came into the company but died in 1912.


Wilhelm Sigel jr. enters the company as the eldest son of the the company founder Wilhelm Sigel senior. After a commercial training and technical university education, he begins to build up the production of  company coatings as well as as distribution channels to Austria and Switzerland. His brother Richard Sigel joins the company a few years later. Oil and house decorating paints are developed and produced.


After surviving the 1930 economic crises, SIGEL-Coatings celebrates its 50th Anniversary. SIGEL produces paints mainly for the decorating branch.


As a base in the south Germany area and the neighbouring countries, a branch in Ravensburg is founded.


Development and production of water-glass camouflage paints for houses, bunkers and military facilities.


In the last months of the war, on the 4th December, the family Sigel suffered a sudden shock. Not only was the complete company including the private residence destroyed by an air raid but also the company’s founder Wilhelm Sigel senior with his wife, the oldest granddaughter as well as a large number of experienced and long-term employees met their death.


In rented space, the brothers Wilhelm and Richard Sigel start the arduous task of rebuilding the company. In November the plant is ready: in Paulinenstraße 16, production starts again.


In the 50s and 60s , there were continuous expansions to the company building in Paulinenstrasse. Equally there was an expansion to the branch in Ravensburg to the outskirts of the town.


Lutz Sigel, the son of Wilhelm junior, celebrates his start as coating engineer. On the 8th December 1962 he died in a traffic accident. Wilhelm Sigel continues to manage the company into a old age.


The specialization towards industrial coatings develops strongly.


Richard Sigel takes over the branch in Ravensburg and continues to manage it under the name “Farben Sigel“ (Coatings Sigel). Today, his sons Michael and Peter Sigel run the company.


The takeover of the company by Eva Marlene Drauz, born Sigel, after the death of the father Wilhelm junior.


After a construction period of only 11 months, the new pants is ready. SIGEL moves into the industrial park Böllinger Höfe. SIGEL develops itself to the most important industrial coating manufacturer in the south German area and supplies high-quality machine and construction machine branches as well as the automotive industry.


Birgit Zeyer, granddaughter of Wilhelm Sigel and her husband Dr. Ulrich Zeyer as the fourth generation of the family take over the responsibility for the company and its future.

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